So you know those super cute names made from letters found in  everywhere?  That didn't really make here's a picture from  Some letters are found on signs or something.  They're really cute I think :)
Well, there's this person on flickr that has a TON of letters! I don't think they're as cute as the ones found in nature, but some of them are still pretty creative. 
here's the site-
You can download them for FREE (my aunt spent $4 for ONE letter once...these are free) and print them off!
I don't know why.  Maybe for a birthday or something.
Here's my button tree!  Sorry for the bad quality- I took the picture with the family camera, but since I can't get those pictures off it, I had to take a picture of the picture with my camera.  To make:
1) Took canvas (or anything would work) covered it with scrapbook paper, modge-podged it down (careful of wrinkles).
2) Drew a tree with a paint pen (I attempted to copy the one from Pinterest), glued buttons down with hot glue gun, and wrote the word pray.
Simple and cute!
A picture I painted.  It's just on canvas, and it was pretty simple.  Fiery colors for the sky, black silhouette, and I used a paint pen for the words.
Meanwhile, I went on a Hobby-Lobby shopping spree :) because I was inspired by my crafting exploratory.  Well, shopping spree for me is using my $20 gift cards up haha :)  I got canvas because they are fantastic, a Sharpie Paint Pen, Bag-o-Buttons, scrapbook paper, and a hot glue gun.  It was a good day.
The link just leads to Google, but it looks pretty self-explanatory.  I'm trying this in my craft exploratory hopefully tomorrow in school.  I'll put scrapbook paper behind the tree, and I'll probably put "love" on there somewhere.  Maybe I'll post a picture of the finished project!
I've made 2 of these so far, and working on the 3rd.  I use them as winter birthday presents, and they're adorable.  I did NOT do as much work as the website.  Here's what I did-
1) Got two pop bottles.  Cut both the bottoms off and the top off one.
2) Spray painted the bottoms black, and fit them together once dried.
3) Painted the white stomach thing, eyes, beak.  I painted the top and stuck cotton balls on top and around the edge.
4) Cut a long strip of fabric and used it as a scarf.
For the presents, I made it so they could be opened, and then I filled it with candy.  Cute present idea!
YES! They're amazing! I don't think as good as Pizza Hut, but still really good.  Here's the link --> breadsticks
I recommend them.
I made this, but cut it in half and it still made plenty!  It helps if you have a bubble blower :)  I used a slotted spoon, and it made several bubbles at once, but it wasn't the best.