So the Color Run is a 5k, where every km there are color stations.  There, volunteers squirt color powder at you that sticks to your white shirt (and face too :)).  Then, at the end, everyone gets their own packet of color powder and they all throw it up into the air so EVERYONE gets SUPER colored :)  It doesn't sound like much fun, but believe me, it is.
Color Run Site Here
I trained a little bit over the summer, but I never got up to 3 miles.  Since it's a really laid-back 5k, we ran most but walked some of it.  It was a LOT of fun!!!!!!!!
After people finished....

So summer is slowly coming to an end (nnooooo).  I didn't do a WHOLE lot this summer but it was still really fun :)  This is what I've pretty much done the whole 3 months...

Relaxing.  Yes.  It's been great.  That picture was from our first vacation in upstate New York.  My grandparents have some land, and we got to enjoy a nice week there.  I then had four days of volleyball camp.  Seriously I want to ma
ke volleyball just to go to the camp again next year haha :)
Next vacation: Christian Reformed Conference Grounds...
absolutely beautiful week there, as seen by sunset.
Then I had another volleyball camp, this one from my school.  Let's just say...I'm not sure I want to set this year if I make it.  :P Tryouts next week... :D

so, all in all, a FANTASTIC summer!!!!!!!!!