So the Color Run is a 5k, where every km there are color stations.  There, volunteers squirt color powder at you that sticks to your white shirt (and face too :)).  Then, at the end, everyone gets their own packet of color powder and they all throw it up into the air so EVERYONE gets SUPER colored :)  It doesn't sound like much fun, but believe me, it is.
Color Run Site Here
I trained a little bit over the summer, but I never got up to 3 miles.  Since it's a really laid-back 5k, we ran most but walked some of it.  It was a LOT of fun!!!!!!!!
After people finished....

So summer is slowly coming to an end (nnooooo).  I didn't do a WHOLE lot this summer but it was still really fun :)  This is what I've pretty much done the whole 3 months...

Relaxing.  Yes.  It's been great.  That picture was from our first vacation in upstate New York.  My grandparents have some land, and we got to enjoy a nice week there.  I then had four days of volleyball camp.  Seriously I want to ma
ke volleyball just to go to the camp again next year haha :)
Next vacation: Christian Reformed Conference Grounds...
absolutely beautiful week there, as seen by sunset.
Then I had another volleyball camp, this one from my school.  Let's just say...I'm not sure I want to set this year if I make it.  :P Tryouts next week... :D

so, all in all, a FANTASTIC summer!!!!!!!!!
I made these scones in June....and they are AMAZING.  They make a lot of dishes, but it's worth it!!!  I would add more blueberries, but I think they're still pretty good :)  They're knockoffs from Starbucks, but are only around 200 calories instead of 460.  Great for breakfast!!!
Recipe HERE 
I love summer.  It's great.  Pretty much because you can lay around, doin nothing.   Lately, I've been trying to run more, gearing up for volleyball open gyms, and reading eragon, eldest, brisingr, and inheritance (best books ever!), watching disney movies, swimming. ? is great!
Enjoy your summer everyone!
The sky wasn't really that orange, so I don't know how my camera picked it up like that...but it's really pretty :)
Flowers were done in history class :)
Planting was done in science and history :D
Isn't it great when you pin something, and one minute later you have 5 likes and 14 repins?  From people you don't even know??
happy sigh.... 
Lately, during history I've been drawing.  I drew a picture of flowers, a rose, then a planting "scene" for the green
My family might make this for dessert when we go to a friend's house tomorrow...maybe.  Hopefully.  It sounds amazing!!!!!!!
Raspberry Lemonade Pie 
~Found on Pinterest, from Kraft Recipes
I think those are sososo cool!  I know someone who has it and I think it would be just fantastic! You could write notes to yourself....draw....I want one haha :)