picture from sxc.hu.com.  Did this in computer class :)
I think that's really cool that I am messed up (I sin all the time) but I am complete in Christ!
I think it's saying that you can make something out of anything (not like crafting but in life).  Don't give up during trials, as they brings you closer to God and what He wants.
Lately I've been using my talents to paint the sets for the play I'm in, and I had a LOT of fun :)  put yourselves out there!  Speaking of the play, I'm freaking out that people don't have their lines memorized, and we only have like 8 practices left...eek.  But I'll leave it to God...I can't control other people or the future!
I got all the pictures from Pinterest (fantastic site that it is).  I especially like the I am a daughter of God one.  kinda long but true!
I was talking with my friends, and I learned more about what happened to the girl with depression.  It's really scary... you really don't know how you impact people until something like this happens.  Please pray for her even though you don't know her name!
Snow flakes from heaven
falls through the night
Awaken around seven
To a beautiful sight

The children all play
A snowman is made
They work hard all day
The foundation all laid

Snowflakes from above
Rolling balls in a wad
A gift of God's love
From Our Heavenly God

~Alice Mae
In my school, there's a girl who hasn't been there for a long time.  We just found out that she was struggling with depression.  It seriously came as a real shock to me.
I'm challenged to be careful with my words now.  You don't know how what you say will affect someone else.  Be careful.
I love this song so much.
~From Youtube

I love this song! It's a little slow for me, as we sing it faster in chapel.  I usually don't listen to Christian music because it's not...peppy? enough, but I really like this song and the message it gives.
My youth pastor often does "God Sightings", where we tell everyone where we have see God at work.
Today my God Sighting is in the snow.  We haven't had like anyyy snow, so this was a blessing.  It's so pretty :)

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