Dying eggs, eating ham, being with family......EASTER.  I know that I'll tear up on my Maundy Thursday survive, because it's amazing what Jesus did.  Easter is a different story though.  Instead of somberness :), we rejoice!!!  I love seeing all the little girls in their Easter dresses and singing the hallelujah chorus.  It's amazing what Jesus did for me, and I'm excited for Easter!!!!!!!!!




I'M DOING PROFESSION OF FAITH!!!!!! EXCITED!!!!!! I was really disappointed because my church got rid of the old way (Taking Root) and now my youth leader is in charge of it.  He's amazing. I had one class last week and will have one on Thursday this week.  
I can't really summarize the message of the whole class in a sentence but maybe this -> We are God's purpose, He sees us without sin (which I'm still not clear on) and He does stuff for our own good.
Hold Me Together by Royal Tailor...really good song.  I usually like peppy/rockish songs, but this is nice and...mellow?  The message is really good.  I love it when I find Christian songs that I actually can listen to more than once :)

Because without you, holding my heart, I'm falling apart.

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