Snow flakes from heaven
falls through the night
Awaken around seven
To a beautiful sight

The children all play
A snowman is made
They work hard all day
The foundation all laid

Snowflakes from above
Rolling balls in a wad
A gift of God's love
From Our Heavenly God

~Alice Mae



In my school, there's a girl who hasn't been there for a long time.  We just found out that she was struggling with depression.  It seriously came as a real shock to me.
I'm challenged to be careful with my words now.  You don't know how what you say will affect someone else.  Be careful.
I love this song so much.
~From Youtube

I love this song! It's a little slow for me, as we sing it faster in chapel.  I usually don't listen to Christian music because it's not...peppy? enough, but I really like this song and the message it gives.
My youth pastor often does "God Sightings", where we tell everyone where we have see God at work.
Today my God Sighting is in the snow.  We haven't had like anyyy snow, so this was a blessing.  It's so pretty :)
Resolutions?  I make them, but neverrrrrr keep them.
So this year I think I can :)
My Resolutions:
1.  Run more/exercise/eat kinda better
2. Grow in my faith

Yup.  That's it.  And I think I can keep them!  It's a New Year, I have new resolutions, it's a new way of life, and I'
So the Christmas tree is dead, the ornaments packed away, the ham is eaten, the 2013 glasses put away.
It's 2013.
Christmas is done.  New Year's Eve/Day is done.
So while I opened presents, slept in, and stayed up till '13, I often forgot about God.
It was hard to focus on God and the real reason for Christmas during all the hubbub.  But the reason for Christmas is Jesus and we've been blessed with another year!  Now I reflect, and I'm so grateful for everything I've been given!


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